Cooperation with Cristaluna means

Unique, Authentic and Stylish JEWELRY

Are u insterested to cooperate with Cristaluna Usa? CRISTALUNA is a wellknown company world-wide, manufacturers of high quality acrylic jewellery, complemented by crystallized Swarovski elements. We are an official Swarovski partner and entitled to use Swarovski name in describing the stones. Each product is being accompanied by its certificate of origin and gift box with brand logo. As we are currently looking out forpartners, it is my pleasure to contact us today.

Our business philosophy includes well defined forms and materials, a focus on basic essentials, timeless and pure elegance together with a particular and individual design. Our line is unique, authentic and stylish. This concept has allowed us to gain a continously increasing international clientele who have already included our jewellery collections to their existing range of products.


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